Jake Hill

Chief Operating and Financial Officer

Jake Hill struggled in addiction for nearly fourteen years before finally surrendering to the realization he was his own worst enemy and was trying to solve his problems with drugs and alcohol. With the help of his family, he checked into Robs Ranch in 2012. As this was his first time experiencing a treatment center, Jake was terrified of what he had committed himself to. “What would people think? Will I be accepted back into my family and will my true friends remain my friends?” Those were the questions Jake was most concerned with at that time. After learning from the extraordinary counselors and staff at Rob’s Ranch, Jake began to understand his addiction was a symptom, not the problem.

Struggling with religion, the Christ-centered program of Rob’s Ranch answered many questions he was ashamed to ask before. With a new found faith and the tools to succeed in recovery, Jake completed his 90 days at Rob’s Ranch and was given an opportunity to give back by coming on as a staff member at Rob’s Ranch. Jake now works to spread the message of hope in recovery to struggling addicts and alcoholics everywhere. “I never imagined my life could be this great! I have more fun and fulfillment in my life today than any day during my active addiction!” Jake continues to work for Rob’s Ranch and will continue to provide hope for any addict/alcoholic willing to ask for help.

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