Your Higher Power Is Essential To Conquer Addiction

Mar 23, 2020 -- Posted by : admin

Higher Power and your Addiction

Many addiction rehabilitation programs rely on the belief in a higher power to help people work through their crisis. It is an essential aspect of the 12-step program that requires people to accept, surrender to the higher power, and become actively involved in their recovery. Higher power is an important part of Christian-based rehab programs. Here’s a look at why it is essential:

1. Addiction Clouds Judgment and Compromises Moral Values

Many people fall prey to addiction because it has a way of twisting your moral values and clouding your judgment. Even people with strong moral fiber can falter under its power, which makes recovery that much more difficult. A faith-based alcohol center treatment focuses on a higher power because it gives patients something to rely on when they can’t trust themselves.

2. Belief in Higher Power Can Get You Through Tough Times

Addiction recovery is a difficult road that can challenge even the strongest individuals. It is a progressive, chronic condition that can sneak up on you after a good spell, which can be very discouraging. That’s one of the reasons why belief in a higher power can help. When patients feel isolated and helpless, belief in an all-powerful entity dedicated to their well-being can give them the strength to get through their pain. Any drug rehab & alcohol treatment center can provide evidence of how effective this can be.  

3. Helps Reconnect with Inner Self

It's common for people to feel unmoored and disconnected from the world when they're struggling with addiction. They experience bouts of anxiety, depression, and underestimate their strength. Many people have weakened self-esteem or a deep-seated disgust for their own perceived weaknesses. Spirituality helps you reconnect with your inner self, develop self-awareness, and improve your perspective. Christian alcohol counseling focuses on healing rather than punishment or repentance, which removes the feeling of guilt often associated with addiction.  

4. Helps Re-establish Your Moral Core and Character

People struggling with addiction lose sight of their core moral values. These values are a part of your identity; they help you develop inner strength and endurance. Being disconnected from them can be disconcerting. People often feel hopeless and empty without it, like nothing in the world matters. Spirituality or belief in a higher power can be the foundation for building a moral core back again. A spiritual treatment center will focus on creating values, character, sense of right and wrong, etc., providing a guideline for patients.

5. Great Support

Addicts feel disconnected from society and unwelcome among social groups because of the stigma of addiction. It doesn’t help that a rehab treatment facility is relatively separate from society as well, which means patients often don't have a support system outside of their counselors, fellow patients, or immediate family members. Believing in a higher power makes you feel like you’re part of a more significant community, which acts as an anchor during difficult times.

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