What Is Christian Based Drug Rehab?

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Going through rehab is a personal struggle. Patients have many people supporting and helping them through the process, but there are still times when they feel alone. Spirituality can be a great comfort during this time and increase the chances of a person getting through rehab successfully. Christian-based drug rehab isn’t all that different from regular rehab. It is still science-based and uses modern medical practices to help patients overcome addiction. At Rob’s Ranch, we believe that faith can add a little more to the experience. 

How Can a Christian-Based Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Help?

Over 76% of Americans state they are religious in a survey conducted by PEW.  It is reported that 22 million Americans struggle with drug or alcohol addiction every year, and a significant portion of this population believes in some religion or the other. They can benefit from a stay at a spiritual rehab center. Here are some reasons why:

• Many religious people have a strong connection with their faith. It influences their daily life and can even influence their addiction. 
• Patients often experience a moral dilemma where their religious values and addiction clash. This causes a lot of psychological disturbance, and it can be only assuaged with spiritual counseling. Christian alcohol counseling often focuses on forgiveness and acceptance. 
• Faith can give people the strength to commit, even during the lowest points of addition. Patients who are intimidated by thoughts of withdrawal symptoms, mood swings, uncontrollable temper, etc. can use spirituality to bolster their resolve.

As you can see, a faith-based rehab treatment facility can help patients struggling with addiction using the power of religion. 

What Can You Expect?

A faith-based rehab facility in Oklahoma will offer all-round treatment. They have a holistic approach dedicated to improving the patient’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Here’s a look at what you can expect:

• Drug Detox – This is a supervised treatment where the treatment flushes all toxins from a patient's body. Detoxification can improve an addict's physical and mental state because no harmful substances linger in their bodies. A thorough detox requires time and effort, but it can help with addiction. 
• One-on-One Therapy – One-on-one therapy sessions are a vital aspect of the treatment. Counselors dig deep to find underlying mental causes for addiction and help patients get in a better mindset. Regular counseling allows doctors to keep track of their patient’s mental health. They can also identify alarming signs like suicidal ideation, self-harm, depression, etc. 
•​​​​​​​ Group Therapy – Recovering from addiction is a lonely process, which is why group therapy is a useful and essential aspect of it. Patients can meet other people struggling with the same challenges. That makes them feel less alone and improves their overall mood.  

The treatment also includes prayer meetings and spiritual counseling, medication for withdrawal symptoms, and emotional coping strategies. 

If you want to know more or wish to find a rehab facility, don’t hesitate to contact us at Rob’s Ranch. You can call (405) 253-3838 or contact [email protected]


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