Taking Each Day as it Comes: The Journey to Sobriety

Apr 12, 2021 -- Posted by : admin


Sobriety is never easy; the journey is often long and at times hard - but it’s worth every single step it takes. However, the journey only starts when you decide to seek help. With the help of a drug rehab and alcohol treatment center, you could start on the path to your new life. If you’re looking to start your journey to sobriety, you might want some insight into what the road ahead could look like. Here is an overview of what you can expect on your sobriety journey here at our rehab facility in Oklahoma.

Your journey to a sober life

Your journey starts when you begin your treatment program. If it’s alcohol you are detoxing from, you may begin to feel hangover symptoms, night sweats, and brain fog during your first week - these are all perfectly normal symptoms. When detoxing from drugs, you might feel fatigue and flu-like symptoms within your first week. It’s required that you live in the Oklahoma rehab facility for the duration of your program so that you can receive appropriate support during your with-drawal stage. The start of your sobriety will be the hardest part of your journey, it’s a time where you need the most support to not stay from your path. The good thing is that after your first week, you will start to experience positive sobriety symptoms such as a better night's sleep and a deep sense of relief within yourself. And with that, you’ve made it through the hardest part of your so-briety journey!

You will start reaping the benefits of sobriety midway through your program. At this point, your mood and health should greatly improve. With the Christian based drug rehab practices we pro-vide, you’ll learn a Christ-centred philosophy along with a 12-step model suited to your sobriety. You may experience moments of weakness, but you’ll have the support of fellow inpatients, ther-apists, staff, and your family behind you. In our rehab facility here in Oklahoma, you’ll receive ac-cess to several hours of spiritual growth and therapy each week in the form of individual, group, and family counseling sessions.

By the end of your stay, you’ll be ready to leave the rehab facility on the path to a sober life. While you were working on your recovery, your family will have participated in Family Education Days - these will help your family to focus on their role in your journey, so they will be able to support you properly. Sober living communities can also be referred if you prefer, and you will receive free ac-cess to our therapists through our aftercare program so that you are never left to finish your jour-ney alone. You will now have everything you need to continue to live a sober and happy life!

If you’re ready to start your sobriety journey here at our rehab facility in Oklahoma, make that first step towards your new life and reach out to us now.


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