Tactics To Further Your Sobriety In 2022!

Jan 17, 2022 -- Posted by : admin

Planning Sobriety in 2022
Just like that, we’re starting a brand new year on our path to sobriety! To keep on the straight and narrow path to a happy, sober life, it’s important to start the new year with some helpful tactics to deal with your addictions. Whether you’re currently seeking help from a rehab treatment facility or you’re on your sobriety journey alone, having some tactics and tips to embrace the year ahead will help you overcome any future obstacles you may face. Here are some tactics to take into 2022!

Practice Healthy Living
Addiction can take a major toll on your body both physically and emotionally, so it’s good to practice healthy living. While in recovery, you’ll want to partake in support groups like those in your rehab treatment facility, prioritize self-care, and keep your mental wellbeing on track. Sobriety can be a rollercoaster journey, so it’s vital to have a healthy mind and healthy body to help you on your journey. Things like regular exercise, working towards a healthy sleeping pattern, eating balanced meals, and even making time for new recreational hobbies and activities like yoga or painting are all great tactics to take into 2022 with you.

Keep To A Structure
One thing you don’t want to let slip in 2022 is a tight structure. Think back to when you were amid your addiction - how chaotic and disorganized was your lifestyle? Even a slightly disorganized lifestyle can be disruptive to recovery, and it’s never nice to feel like you’re heading backward rather than forwards in your sobriety journey. Creating a daily or weekly structure will help you organize your time and activities, and this routine will keep you on track to achieve any goals you set for yourself. With a clear routine and structure, you’re much less likely to get off track or worse, relapse. Whether it’s setting regular support group meetings at a rehab treatment facility each week or planning out your daily meals and exercise routines, the more you organize your time effectively, the less likely you are to slip off your path to sobriety.

Avoid New Year Resolutions
While New Year resolutions sound helpful, they’re not so great in the long run. It can be hard to implement a change in your everyday life, especially one that you want to stick to for a full year while you’re already battling addiction. Overall, New Year resolutions just add pressure and stress to what can be a challenging journey. Sobriety in itself is a great achievement and it's something that is a lifelong journey - it can’t be rolled into one year. Sobriety is all about taking each day at a time and celebrating all good things that happen throughout our journey, and using any negative experiences as learning curves. New Year resolutions can be easily broken, and then you’re left feeling defeated. Try to avoid year-long resolutions and make daily, weekly, or monthly goals that are easier to keep on track of and easier to achieve!


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Tactics To Further Your Sobriety In 2022!

Just like that, we’re starting a brand new year on our path to…

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