Robs Ranch New Outpatient Centre for Adult Men and Women

Sep 14, 2023 -- Posted by : admin


Robs Ranch aims to help men suffering from substance abuse through faith-based treatment.

Our typical programs include a 30-day program and a 90-day program, both of which have been extremely successful in helping men on their journey back to sobriety. These programs are a ‘live-in’ stay where they will receive help each day for the full course.

We are extremely excited to announce that we have now expanded our services to include a NEW Outpatient Program that caters to both adult men and women. We opened our outpatient office at 1008 S. Bryant, Suites 160 and 170, in Edmond, Oklahoma.

This new program will be run by Kensie Lyon, who graduated with her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialty in Substance abuse from Wayne State College. She is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor with 11 years of experience working with adults, adolescents, and families. 

Our new outpatient service will include one-on-one, couples, family, and group therapy.  Unlike our residential services where clients “live” at the facility for an extended period, with outpatient, clients come for their therapy appointment and go home afterward.

Outpatient services can offer several benefits for individuals seeking treatment for substance abuse. While the severity of addiction and individual circumstances may determine the most appropriate level of care, outpatient programs can be highly effective for many people. Here are some of the benefits of outpatient rehab centers for substance abuse:

Flexibility: This means you can continue with your daily responsibilities, such as work, school, or family obligations while receiving treatment. This can be particularly beneficial for those who cannot commit to a full-time residential program.

Lower Cost: Outpatient treatment is generally more cost-effective than residential or inpatient programs because you don't have to cover the cost of room and board. This makes it a more affordable option for many individuals and families.

Community Support: Outpatient rehab allows you to stay connected to your community and support network. You can continue to receive support from family and friends, which can be crucial for recovery.

Personalized Treatment: This program can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Therapists and counselors can work with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses your unique challenges and goals.

Skill Development: Kensie will be teaching you practical skills to cope with triggers, cravings, and stressful situations in your daily life. You can immediately apply these skills to real-world situations.

Gradual Transition: Outpatient treatment can serve as a step-down from more intensive levels of care, such as inpatient rehab. It can provide a smooth transition back to regular life while still receiving support.

Access to Services: Outpatient rehab centers often offer a wide range of services, including individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and medication management, depending on your needs.

Continuity of Care: After completing a more intensive treatment program, outpatient rehab can serve as a way to maintain progress and receive ongoing support as needed. This continuity of care can be vital for long-term recovery.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of outpatient rehab depends on various factors, including the individual's commitment to treatment, the severity of the addiction, and the quality of the program. For some individuals, a more intensive level of care, such as inpatient or residential treatment, may be necessary initially. A thorough assessment by our team can help determine the most appropriate level of care for each individual's needs.

To make an appointment with our new service, or for any more information, please call 405-253-3838 and our team can assist you.


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