Remembering what's important for your sobriety this Christmas

Dec 21, 2023 -- Posted by : admin

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Maintaining sobriety during the holiday season, including Christmas, can be challenging for individuals in recovery. Here are some important tips to help you stay focused on your sobriety:

Plan Ahead:

  • Identify potential triggers and plan how to cope with them.
  • Have a schedule for the day, so you're not left with idle time.
  • Know your exit strategy if you find yourself in uncomfortable situations.​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Attend Support Meetings:

  • Continue attending support group meetings, whether is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), or another group that aligns with your needs
  • Consider attending additional meetings during the holiday season.

Communicate Boundaries:

  •    Communicate your sobriety goals and boundaries to friends and family.
  •    Be assertive in saying no to offers of alcohol or drugs.

Bring a Support System:

  •     If possible, bring a friend or family member who understands your commitment to sobriety to holiday          events
  •     Having someone by your side can provide emotional support and help you navigate challenging        situations.

Create New Traditions:

  •     Establish new holiday traditions that don't involve substances.
  •     Focus on activities that bring joy and fulfillment without the need for alcohol or drugs.


  • Prioritize self-care activities to manage stress and emotions.
  • Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and practice mindfulness or meditation.

Stay Mindful:

  • Be aware of your thoughts and emotions.
  • If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, take a break and refocus on your commitment to sobriety.

Have a Non-Alcoholic Plan:

  •   Bring or suggest non-alcoholic beverage options to social gatherings.
  •   Have a plan for what you will drink instead of alcohol.

Reflect on Progress:

  • Reflect on the positive changes and progress you've made in your sobriety.
  •  Use this reflection as motivation to stay committed during challenging times.

Reach Out for Support:

  • Don't hesitate to reach out to your support network if you're feeling vulnerable.
  • Whether it's a friend, sponsor, or therapist, having someone to talk to can be immensely helpful.

Remember, it's okay to prioritize your well-being and sobriety. The holiday season can bring both joy and stress, so being proactive and mindful can contribute to a healthier, substance-free celebration.

Rob's Ranch are here to help you, we also offer a new outpatient service for both men and women. 

Call us today for support (405) 253-3838


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