Relapse And A Loved One

Feb 24, 2020 -- Posted by : admin

Dealing with Relapse in a Loved one

According to a study conducted by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), close to 19.7 million Americans are battling substance use disorder. This alarming statistic is only second to the fact that Drug and Alcohol addiction is steadily on the rise amongst our loved ones.

Drug Addiction is one of the biggest evils plaguing our world today. It affects everyone- from a retiree to school age children. The world just hasn't been able to rid itself of substance abuse, and it continues to grapple with it even as our loved ones end up in its vice-like grip.

Sadly, family members are the ones who are hit the hardest by substance abuse problems of their loved ones. It is worse when a recovering addict slips back into relapse just when they were showing signs of improvements. Let’s look at this phenomenon and throw more light on it.

What Is Relapse?

Simply put, when a patient returns to their state of illness, it is called a relapse. Addiction is very much like a chronic disease human beings suffer from. Patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and hypertension, among others, frequently fail to comply with their ongoing treatments. Thus, they relapse and more often than not, it leads to terrible consequences.  

Relapse is a naturally occurring process when it comes to recovery. It shouldn't be looked upon as a failure of an addict. Your loved ones need more help and support than blame for this "failure".

Any center for alcohol and drug treatment would tell you that various studies carried out in this field reveal that on an average close to 85% people slip back into relapse in the very first year of recovery. Most of these individuals are known to return to regular drug usage after this.

Why Does Relapse Occur?

Studies also show that drug addiction affects the cognition powers of an individual. It has been known to negatively impact self-control and feelings of resistance to cravings faced by the addict.

That means the addicts are themselves helpless and need our full support and care during such trying times. Immediately seeking help from a drug treatment and rehabilitation center helps those who have either relapsed or are showing signs of relapse. For the family of an individual battling with substance abuse, relapse can be especially tough.

What Can You Do In Such Cases?

Educating yourself about various support groups and rehab treatment facilities available in your neighborhood to cope with drug addiction problems.
Another thing we can do to help our recovering loved ones is to protect them from any high-risk situations. These situations push recovering users back to usage.
Help them stay away from people who might prompt them to consume alcohol or other addictive substances.

Always be vigilant once your loved ones are on the path of recovery. Ensure they are surrounded by positive people and help them learn new coping mechanisms.

Getting your loved ones in either a Christian based drug rehab facility or a spiritual treatment center can do wonders for them. For more information about our Christian based drug rehab, feel free to speak with one of our experts at by clicking HERE to call us.



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