Preparing For The Holidays While Someone You Love Undergoes Treatment

Dec 19, 2019 -- Posted by : admin


With the holidays coming up, you must be busy with preparations for Christmas and New Year's Eve. But if a loved one is undergoing treatment at a rehab facility, all the joy that you must be feeling might also be clouded by apprehension. It can be challenging for people to conquer their alcoholism or drug habit. If he or she is going to attend a family event during the holidays, you may never know exactly what will happen.

Given the situation, you might be wondering how to survive the holiday season. You would want to prepare in such a way that you can accommodate and include them in all the festivities without exposing them to any temptation. Here are some suggestions from the experts at Robs Ranch that can help:

    •    Organize An Alcohol-Free Event- It's a good idea to store all the alcohol in your home, under lock and key. If a loved one who is susceptible to alcohol and drug abuse is visiting your home, why tempt them? Depending on what point of their recovery journey they are in, they might not be able to avoid temptation entirely. 

You need to do your bit and support them by keeping alcohol out of the way. If your other family members that are attending the event are aware of the situation, they too would be supportive. They would understand why you prefer to have a non-alcoholic party.

    •    Lockup money and valuables - When your loved one arrives from the center for alcohol and drug treatment,  you would need to keep them within view at all times. If they are in active addiction, they would still be driven to look for more funds to fuel their habit. While this may not be the case with every person that is addicted to alcohol or drugs, it is best to keep temptation at bay. Make sure that phones, iPods, money, or any other valuables aren't within their reach.

    •    Do Not Have An Idealized Expectation For The Event - If you are inviting someone who is addicted to your home, you should know that they may not be at their best. While you need to be patient and gracious, do not take insult if they aren't forthcoming with interacting with you or others attending the event.

    •    Choose Gifts Smartly - While buying gifts for the person, make sure that none of them are valuable. It's best to stick to personal items that have very little value to somebody else. Things like woolen socks, warm jackets, or an inexpensive backpack and nutritious snacks are all excellent choices. 

Visit the Rehab Treatment Facility For Men

Having your loved one who is undergoing addiction treatment spend the holidays with you is a good way to show your support. If the person is unable to leave the treatment facility for men during the holidays, make it a point to visit him there.

For more information about our Christian based drug rehab, feel free to speak with one of our experts at this number - (405) 253-3838



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