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Dec 1, 2022 -- Posted by : admin

Football Cleats Robs Ranch

Every season, the NFL celebrates player charities with the My Cause My Cleats campaign. Players have the opportunity to select a charity of their choice by having their game cleats designed to honor the organization. In addition the NFL donates to each player's charity as well as lists them, by team, on the website.

This season former OU and current Washington Commanders punter, Tress Way, has chosen Rob's Ranch as his highlighted charity. Tress is in his 9th season with the Commanders and the Pro Bowler is one of the leagues' best, year in and year out, statistically. Tress and his wife Bri, who was a National Champion softball player at OU, contribute and believe in the mission of Rob's Ranch! Tress states that "Brianna and I have been part of both the heartache of addiction and the joy of recovery. Both of those wouldn't have been possible without Rob's

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