How to support addiction recovery during the holidays?

Dec 22, 2020 -- Posted by : admin


The holiday season is here, and it is a great time to rejoice with family and friends. However, this season can also be difficult for someone trying to recover from a substance addiction. There are many triggers during this time of the year, like friends consuming alcohol near you. Strained relationships with loved ones can also be a trigger as complicated relationships cause a lot of mental stress. We recommend extra care and cautiousness during the holiday season. The running around that is bound to happen during the festivities can leave one vulnerable and hence lead to increased risk of relapse.

Families are naturally concerned about relapse of a loved one who is recovering from a substance addiction during the holidays. A family must take a very balanced approach and approach a rehab facility in Oklahoma to understand the nuances of taking care. A balanced approach will ensure that the risk of relapse is minimized and at the same time the person under recovery is also able to enjoy the festivities. The planning on supporting addiction recovery needs to begin well before the holiday season starts. The first step is for the family to sit down together and discuss their thoughts. The person must be asked about their needs and what will make them feel better and give them comfort. Christian alcohol counseling for the person under recovery and the family can be very helpful in dealing with the stress and supporting recovery.

Holiday celebrations often revolve around alcohol many dishes are prepared with alcohol and liqueur filled chocolates are common gifts. These end up exposing the recovering person and creates a situation where relapse can be common. Families can choose to serve non-alcoholic drinks which look equally appealing and create desserts which do not have an alcohol base. You can get some expert tips from our staff on managing these aspects.

To support recovery few things are extremely important like a well-balanced and healthy diet, regular exercise, some meditation or yoga. These equip one physically and emotionally to handle the challenges related to recovery from addiction. If you are travelling for the holidays then you must carry a kit which can include reading material, music for meditation, and any prescribed medication. If you are going to a friend’s place for dinner, it is best to carry some juices or beverages so that you do not feel alienated and are not coaxed to give in by consuming alcoholic beverages.

This holiday season, do not worry about relapse, instead have a good time with your family and friends by relying on a spiritual treatment center and their advice. As a Christian based drug rehab facility we can help you with any questions you may have.
If you or a loved one is undergoing drug or alcohol recovery and needs support, you can reach out to us at Rob’s Ranch. Give us a call on 405-253-3838.



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