Finding a Rehab Facility and the First Steps

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Substance addiction is painful and it affects and scars the whole family, it deteriorates the addict’s health and livelihood. But, there is always a hope of recovery and a chance to bring a positive change. As a first step, it is important to find a center for alcohol and drug treatment and enroll for a program.

A very common misconception around drug addiction is that overcoming it is a choice and a matter of will power. Although, initial decision to start using substances can be termed as a choice, once a person is addicted it is out of control. When a person is struggling with drug addiction, they are unable to stop despite knowing the negative consequences. Here is where a drug treatment and rehabilitation center helps by helping the person develop skills and adopt necessary changes to overcome the addiction.

When should you seek treatment and the options:

The most difficult step towards recovery is acceptance; accepting that you or your loved one has a problem of drug addiction. Some very strong emotions come into play, like shame, anger and guilt. The symptoms greatly vary from person to person and hence knowing when to look for rehab facility Oklahoma, can also be difficult. Some signs you should look for are:

  • Strong urge or craving for use of drug/substance
  • Giving up activities that were once loved
  • Problems with social relationships like that with friends, family, colleagues
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not using a substance

If one or more of the above symptoms are prevalent one must look at the various options of Christian based drug rehab.

Residential programs: A residential rehab facility Oklahoma, will provide an intensive treatment with safety and constant support. The program provides a structured approach to the treatment and supports the person during the early recovery which helps them prepare to move to outpatient care subsequently. At Rob’s Ranch, spiritual treatment center, we keep the residents motivated and engaged to learn. The daily schedule includes a multi-pronged approach to recovery including one-on-one counselling, group discussions and educational classrooms.

The first steps:

A rehab program begins with an assessment of physical and psychological health, severity of addiction and health risks. A proper assessment is essential to identify the individual needs and set appropriate treatment goals. The rehab treatment facility for men will then be able to create a customized treatment plan. Before the treatment begins the resident may have to go through a detox to get rid of all substances from the body and become stable to begin the treatment.

How to find a rehab facility?

You must understand the needs, your financial situation and schedule before you select the drug rehab center. Here’s a list of factors you can prepare questions on for asking the specialist at the center and make an informed choice:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Distance from home/family
  • Rules and regulations (restrictions, if any)
  • Ratio of staff to patients
  • Testimonials and success rates
  • Amenities available (e.g.: recreational facilities, meal options, rooms)
  • Availability of support services

If you need to understand what is a rehab facility or you see a loved one suffering and need some advice, reach out to us at Rob’s Ranch. You can write to us at [email protected]


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