Enjoying the summer with sobriety in mind

Aug 3, 2022 -- Posted by : admin

summer Sobriety

The summer is a time for fun, relaxation and spending time with family and friends. But if you're in recovery from addiction, it can also be a time of anxiety and worry. How can you enjoy the summer while staying sober?

Here are some tips:

1. Plan ahead. Make a list of sober activities that you can do during the summer months. This could include going to the beach, hiking, biking, swimming or attending concerts and festivals.

2. Find a support group. Spending time with other recovering addicts can help you stay on track and motivated to stay sober.

3. Take care of yourself. Be sure to eat healthy, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. This will help your body and mind withstand any temptation to relapse.

4. Have an exit strategy. If you find yourself in a situation where you're tempted to drink or use drugs, have a plan for how to get out of it safely.

Celebrating your sobriety

The summertime is often a time when people with sobriety issues can feel left out. With all of the barbecues, pool parties, and beach vacations, it can be hard to stay on track. But it is possible to enjoy the summer without drinking or using drugs. Here are some tips for how to celebrate your sobriety this summer:

-Find a sober activity that you enjoy and make it a priority. This could be something as simple as going for a walk in the park or taking a yoga class.

-Attend events that are specifically for people in recovery. This is a great way to meet other people who are going through the same thing as you and to find support.

-Have a plan for what you will do if you start to feel tempted to drink or use drugs. This could involve calling a friend, going to a meeting, or reading your recovery literature.

-Make sure to take care of yourself physically and emotionally. This means eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and managing stress in healthy ways. If you follow these tips, you can have a fun and safe summer while staying sober.

Taking care of yourself

While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of summertime activities, it’s important to take care of yourself and your sobriety. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the season while staying healthy and safe:

- Drink plenty of water. Drinking water helps your skin, organs and mental health.

- Eat healthy foods. Healthy eating habits are important for everyone, but they’re especially important for people in recovery. Processed foods and sugary snacks can trigger cravings, so it’s best to stick with healthy fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

- Exercise regularly. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and boost your mood. It can also help to counteract the effects of alcohol on your body.

- Avoid trigger situations. If you know there are certain places or situations that trigger your cravings, do your best to avoid them. It’s okay to say no if you know it’s not a good idea for you.

- Seek support if you need it. If you find yourself struggling, reach out to your sponsor or a trusted friend or family member for support. Remember that you don’t have to go through this alone.

Being mindful of others too

As the summer season is now in full swing, party goers and those who frequent festivals and outdoor concerts will find themselves around others who are enjoying alcohol. Although it may be tempting to partake, for those in recovery from alcoholism, being mindful of others too is important. Being surrounded by people who are openly enjoying alcohol can be a trigger for those in early recovery. Seeing others enjoying something that you yourself are abstaining from can be difficult, but it is important to remember that you are not alone. There are plenty of people who are doing the same thing as you – enjoying sobriety in the midst of a culture that often celebrates drinking. Here are some tips for staying sober while being mindful of others too:

-Find a sober friend to go with you. This can be someone who is also in recovery, or simply someone who doesn’t drink. Having a sober buddy with you will help you stay accountable and also give you someone to talk to if you start to feel triggered.

-Plan ahead. If you know you’re going to be around drinking, make sure to have a plan in place for how you’re going to stay sober. This could mean attending a meeting before the event, or making sure to have a non-alcoholic drink in hand at all times.

-Focus on your reasons for staying sober. When temptation strikes, remind yourself of why you’re choosing not to drink. Whether it’s for your health, your family, or your career, staying focused on your goals will help you stay strong in moments of temptation. Staying sober during the summer doesn’t have to be difficult – just be mindful of your surroundings and plan ahead!



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