Did you know the 12 step program isn’t just for addicts?

Aug 15, 2021 -- Posted by : admin


The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have been used for decades in spiritual treatment centers to help people with addiction recovery. But what about those who don't suffer from drugs, alcohol, or other addictions? The AA program, which was originally designed as a support group for alcoholics, can also be applied to other aspects of life such as weight loss or stress relief, as ways for helping regular people improve their lives. This article will explore the different ways non-addicts can apply the 12 steps on their own!

The 12 steps program uses Christian-based methods to heal those who suffer from addictions that hinder their lives, but even those who don’t have addictions can use certain steps from the program to enhance their lives! One of the 12 steps is to have faith - a step that anyone can use. No matter what you’re going through, believing that a higher power exists and can help you to heal through it will make a world of difference.

Another step that non-addicts can use for their everyday lives is to work on their honesty and integrity. Denial can be a hard thing to overcome, for both addicts and non-addicts alike, but without overcoming denial, you cannot move forward. Like addicts enduring Christian-based drug rehab, one of the steps to sobriety is to admit your wrongs to God and one other individual - this will give you space to grow. This step can be applied to anyone, not just addicts. Whether you’ve had a falling out with a loved one or you’ve lied to a friend, speaking out about any wrongdoings on your part will clear your conscience and lead you closer to a happier life.

Soul searching and forgiveness are both huge steps for those undergoing treatment at a Christian-based drug rehab center, but they’re also things that everyone should learn. A key to finding freedom is understanding that accepting your past and forgiving others is necessary in order for you to find peace. Giving up the desire for revenge can make it easier on yourself, as well as those who have wronged you before. The pain of anger or resentment will cause more harm than good if left unresolved; so take steps now towards forgiveness and let go of any negative feelings toward someone else's actions in the past that may still be bothering you today. The same can also be said about yourself - while you should forgive others and try to make amends, you should forgive yourself, too. After recognizing and understanding your wrongdoings, you should then seek out those who you have hurt and try to resolve your issues to truly move forward.

You don’t need to be a current or past addict to spread God’s message, which is the last step of the 12. Everyone should be able to serve a higher power, and by going out into the world and spreading the 12 steps commonly used in AA meetings, you’re spreading God’s word and positivity!


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