4 Coping Skills For Maintaining Your Sobriety

Sep 15, 2021 -- Posted by : admin


It can be challenging to maintain your sobriety outside of your rehab treatment facility when there are so many temptations around you, but keep your faith! You have what it takes to maintain your sobriety, but you just need some reassuring coping strategies for those tough-to-handle days. One of the most difficult parts of sobriety is dealing with triggers. Triggers can be anything from people, places, things, or even smells that cause you to relapse. The key to maintaining your sobriety is being intentional about how you react when faced with a trigger situation - which you can easily work on through coping skills. Here are 4 ways in which you can learn to cope better with your addiction and stay sober!

Use Healthy Distractions
There are many things to do when trying to stay sober. One method is using healthy distractions, which helps prevent urges because it keeps your mind occupied with other unrelated thoughts and feelings. Using healthy distractions such as taking up an exercise or a new hobby can relieve any stress you might be under which could lead you to relapse and distract you from thinking about any pressures you may be under.

Have A Safe Support System
Sometimes you can’t do things alone. Having a support system is a great coping strategy for those who are trying to stay sober. Having a safe and reliable group of people you can reach out to whenever things get tough helps to avoid relapsing. This network serves as one's lifeline when they feel like giving up on sobriety, keeping them from going down the same dark road that led them into addiction in the first place. I know it sounds cheesy, but having this kind of unconditional love will help keep your head above water through thick and thin.

Remember Negative Consequences
Remembering the negative outcomes of a relapse is a crucial coping mechanism for those who are trying to stay sober as it’s another way of encouraging yourself to stay on the right path while you’re away from your rehab treatment facility. Reminding yourself of the pain and suffering that resulted from your addiction will ensure that you don’t forget the reason you’re on the path to sobriety and why you needed to change your behavior in the first place.

Manage Your Stress Levels
Stress is something that can lead people into addiction, but it's also a mindset. Stress management is an essential coping strategy for those who are working towards staying sober, as it can help them continue on the right path when temptation strikes and they may be in danger of relapsing back into alcoholism or drug abuse. Stress makes people crave their unhealthy addiction products more intensely than usual, which often leads to relapse after a stressful day. Managing your own personal stress through yoga practice or meditation techniques will give you another outlet that helps reduce this craving while allowing you to stay stronger when you’re away from your rehab treatment facility.


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